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Left 4 Head (2009) is a hilariously low-budget porn parody (with TERRIBLE cinematography) of the awesome multiplayer survival horror game Left 4 Dead. If you don't know what Left 4 Dead is, it's basically one of the greatest survival horror games ever made. It traps you in a zombie apocalypse in a realistic setting where if you don't depend on others, you're dead. The game stars one cute, young girl named Zoey (hmmm, I wonder who the focal point of the porn is going to be), one buff younger guy named Francis, an old war vet named Bill and a guy whose look is a little Shaun of the Deadesque named Louis.

Would also like to note that Skyrim in fact does NOT contain nudity out of the box. That video is of a mod. And Saint’s Row 3? Really? A little nipple if you squint is not full frontal nudity. Quality research on the list mate.

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