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Nicole, like Kagney is the typical hot ‘girl next door’ type of blonde pornstar, though we are not a huge fan of her tits, compared to Kagney they are a bit, well… pointy. However, we have to admit that her body is in a bit better shape, though that depends on preference of course!

Also known as “la Cicciolina,” Staller is a Hungarian-born Italian politician, porn-star and singer. Seriously. She began her career in porn with her first hardcore film, in 1983. Prior to that, she did a radio show in Italy called “Do you want to sleep with me?” She went on to star in many more hardcore films and photo shoots. In 1987, she was elected to the Italian Parliament, in which she served one term until 1991. Once elected, she famously (and unsuccessfully) offered to have sex with Saddam Hussein for the release of his foreign hostages. During her term, she continued to make hardcore films. While other politicians vehemently deny sexual relations while in office, she was quite open about her antics, and even gave political speeches with one breast exposed. She also recorded a few songs, one becoming a minor hit. She is now 58, has written her memoirs and is the mother of one son.

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