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Lonely, technology-averse, and intermittently forgetful retiree Frank acquires a companion robot from his well-meaning son, and soon realizes his new sidekick would be the perfect partner in crime, literally. Robot & Frank is a poignant study of aging, but it also does an incredible job making a robot character (and it is a real, developed character) believably blend into its otherwise fairly typical indie-film landscape. A winning cast (most prominently Frank Langella as Frank and Peter Sarsgaard as the voice of the robot, though a different actor actually wears the suit) further elevates this inspired effort from first-time director Jake Schreier and first-time screenwriter Christopher D. Ford.

In the 19th century, the phenakistoscope (1832), [10] zoetrope (1834) [11] and praxinoscope (1877) were introduced. [12] [13] A thaumatrope (1824) is a simple toy with a small disk with different pictures on each side; a bird in a cage and is attached to two pieces of strings. [14] The phenakistoscope was invented simultaneously by Belgian Joseph Plateau and Austrian Simon von Stampfer in 1831. [15] The phenakistoscope consists of a disk with a series of images, drawn on radi evenly space around the center of the disk. [16]

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