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Two remarkable examples are on record of persons who allowed themselves to be hung for the entertainment of an audience. An account of one of them is given in the Lancet of April 17, 1847. The man's real name was John Harnshaw, but he performed throughout England under the high-sounding professional title of Monsieur Gouffe. He was an athlete, and among other feats it was customary with him to exhibit the process of hanging. In this performance he relied for security on the strength of the muscles of the neck and throat. He had a rope with a fixed knot which could not slip, and passed both ends of the loop up behind one ear. The whole act was so adroitly managed that he prevented any pressure of the rope on the windpipe or the jugular veins, and could even sustain a weight of one hundred and fifty pounds in addition to that of his own body.

Pretty sure the inventors of the wheel did not have this in mind. A popular form of capital punishment in the Middle Ages, the Breaking Wheel ensured the victim endured as a much pain as humanly possible before eventually dying. There were various methods of torture carried out using the Breaking Wheel. Two of the more popular involved tying the victim’s limbs to the spokes of a wheel. During the first method, executioners bludgeoned the victim until their eventual death. During the second method, the wheel would turn ever so slowly while the victim’s bones broke one by one. As if the agonizing feeling of having close to every bone broken wasn’t enough, the victim was also left attached to the wheel out in public for rats, insects, and birds to feed off.

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