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After you’ve strapped on your longer length necklace, add two to four shorter necklaces of different lengths, styles and materials that end up lying within each other. If you really want to make a fresh, bold layering statement, add a men’s choker necklace. Chokers are around 18 or 20-inches in length, depending on your neck size. They circle your neck and hang just below your Adam’s apple. Men’s chokers are a big style trend this year. Men’s bracelets can also be layered. We’re seeing multiple layers of bracelets stacked up on the wrists of A-list celebs. Stacking up unconventional bohemian bracelets, which can feature skulls, heraldic religious emblems, and daggers mixed with mineral, wood and metallic beads, will give you the cool rock star look you’ve seen on the red carpet.

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