Make porn guide - 6 Reasons Homemade Porn is a Worse Idea Than You Think
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General rule: you want your viewer FPS (Frames Per Second) as high as possible so that Second Life appears smooth. Upwards of 15+ FPS is fine, and shooting @ 30 FPS — provided SL is actually running that fast too — is rare, but excellent. Recording a movie will usually impose a slight, if noticeable performance hit, so it really helps to have a very high FPS to begin with. After all, once you've captured footage, you can always trim it down, but can't interpolate extra frames (although there are tools that can help salvage your takes if you have no other choice).

Sharing Your Video Is Caring
Don’t forget that sharing is caring! If you took your video on your cell phone, e-mail NSFW clips to your boo to remind him or her how exceptional you really are. Or if you choose a camcorder to film your video, make sure you choose a camera with easy transfer to your computer and TV. If you want to keep your video private you could enlist the help of an Iron Key encrypted Flash Drive. If you only want to share footage with specific people online, try Vimeo , a service that offers HD quality video and password protection. However, if you choose to share your video with the world (which you obviously should), try uploading videos first to YouTube for maximum exposure. Chances are that the video will get banned so you should also upload to YouTube’s x-rated cousin YouPorn . Similar sites include Spankwire , Pornotube , and RedTube . Hey, why not have a viewing party and display your flick on that big screen TV in your living room? Just remember to close the blinds first!

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