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The filmmakers say they have the fair-use doctrine on their side and no permission from Marvel or DC is needed, despite the fact that the Hulk and even the set are a pitch-perfect re-creation of the originals. However, they’re very careful when it comes to the Hulk’s mournful theme song. “You can’t copy music in a parody,” Skow says. “I’ve got a guy who does TV jingles. He’ll do his own version of the theme song.”

Loni exited the school and headed home. She chose to walk and not catch one of the waiting buses. This way her path took her past a new strip mall and the Ambiance store there. Loni hoped no one would see her enter this store and that those inside would not ask too many questions.  The young girl behind the counter greeted her and asked if she could be of assistance. Loni was a ...Read On

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