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Personally, jerking off to lesbos got boring when I was still in high school. I really like to watch people fuck. That’s gonna be $700 to $1000 per girl. Expect to pay the dude anywhere from $100 bucks all the way up to $1000…again, it really depends on the dude – specifically, how big is the pee-pee? And can Homey keep it hard when those hot lights are on him? With strangers around, watching it all?

And where there were only two or three reputable adult agencies 10 years ago, now 14 agencies are licensed and bonded, though top shops . Direct Models, 101 Modeling and Spiegler Girls dominate the upper echelon of performers. None would discuss how much money they make, but observers say that top agents can pull down $250,000 a year from their 10 to 15 percent takes. "It's very competitive, and the well-known agencies do control most of the talent," says Dan Miller , executive managing editor of industry trade magazine XBIZ . "It's just like Hollywood in that regard."

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