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What are you talking about all of you? for a web series that isn’t funded by a professional company THE ACTING IS GREAT, great locations, great camera shots. You have to consider that this isn’t a TV Show, obviously can’t be as perfect. It is a Web Series. I am amazed about how well it’s put together, the funding must be great and the crew is pretty good to. So people commenting about the acting being terrible, go ahead and make a better show from literally nothing with zero funds. Go right ahead.

Yet, for all of the film’s laudable elements, there’s one award-worthy scene we can’t stop thinking about: a fiery lesbian hook-up session between Portman and Kunis. It’s hot enough as is, but when you consider that it’s Natalie freakin’ Portman and Mila freakin’ Kunis getting it on with each other, and not some anonymous porn stars in a B-movie, it’s epic. So epic, in fact, that it inspired us to revisit  the 20 hottest credible girl-on-girl movie scenes ! This is one time “No Boys Allowed” is fine with us!

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