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Unsurprisingly, the first ultrasound showed that participants’ bladders had emptied. However, the second ultrasound, conducted when the women were close to orgasm, showed significant bladder filling. The final ultrasound once more showed that the women’s bladders were empty. This suggested that female ejaculation, at least for these women, was largely urine.

The fluid a woman ejaculates when she squirts is a clear, very thin and watery fluid. It can sometimes be milky in color, and posseses its very own odor. It does not contain any sperm, but it does contain higher levels of glucose and enzymes that are similar to male semen. Many people who were or are skeptical about a woman’s ability to squirt have said that the fluid ejaculated during orgasm is simply urine, but this has been scientifically disproved. A woman may feel like she is about to urinate when she is getting ready to squirt, but true squirting consists only of this special fluid from the prostate gland. Female ejaculate is also separate from the fluid the vagina naturally makes during sexual arousal. The fluid made by the vagina during sexual arousal is often thicker and more sticky, while female ejaculate is more of a transparent type liquid.

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