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The clitoris is pearl sized and covered by the clitoral hood.  The clitoris is surrounded by the inner and outer lips ( labia minora and labia majora ) and is located where the two inner lips meet.  The clitoris contains an estimated 8,000 nerve endings and is the most sensitive area of a female’s genitals.  The small size of the clitoris causes it to be frequently overlooked because a number of people do not know what the clitoris is or where it is located. The space between the inner lips is called the vestibule.  This area contains the vaginal opening, or the “introitus”, which is the opening of the vagina.  The vagina is a stretchable muscular cavity that is lined with mucous membranes.  It extends from the uterus to the vaginal opening.  The cervix of the uterus forms the interior end of the vagina, while the vulva and labia form the exterior end.  The vagina is capable of self-lubrication.  The hymen may slightly cover or surround the vaginal opening.

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