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Gentlemen seeking homoerotic, hog-tied fun should throw on some chaps and check out the NY Bondage Club’s Sunday sessions at Paddles ( ; 7pm--1am) . And for a dungeon-equipped, queer-friendly party scene, Wolf recommends the monthly Sex Party and More (SPAM), hosted by the same folks who do Submit (locations vary; 718-789-4053, .) . “I like all the nooks and crannies and being able to watch,” says Wolf. “It’s a friendly place to play.” So long as you aren’t hetero, anyway.

While there are still several tables for bottle service, Marquee has transformed itself into a much more social nightclub with a massive dance floor and a state of the art half-million dollar sound system. A night at Marquee is always a fun, exciting and unique experience you will never live to forget.

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