Bdsm gags how to make - How To Make Your Own Ball Gag - ***EXTREMELY EASY***
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If you’ve watched any bondage porn I bet you’ve seen a chick covered in clothespins. They are so commonly used because they work great for pinching sensitive areas such as nipples, providing both pleasure and pain. Nipple clamps can be beautiful to look at — black leather with a shiny chain running across your chest. However, despite their often adjustable screws, it can be hard to find a set of nipple clamps that fit perfectly. (As you’re likely aware, nipples come in all shapes and sizes.) Not only are clothespins cheaper, but those cheap motherfuckers actually often get the job done better than fancier alternatives.

A dog collar and accompanying leash can help test-run a submissive playing experience. If the collar is small, consider wrapping it around your wrist or arm.

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