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Turns out, climaxing could actually facilitate pregnancy! Dr. Ava Cadell , spokesperson for The Experience Channel and renowned love and sex therapist, says that reaching orgasm is even more important in terms of baby making than the position you do the deed in itself. When a woman has an orgasm, her uterine wall contracts, and these contractions, in turn, have a vacuum-like effect, sucking the sperm up and moving them closer to the egg. "Since only 25 percent of women can achieve orgasm through intercourse, it's best to use a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris during penetration and help ensure one,” she notes.

2. Keep your sense of humor. Viewed objectively, sex, conception, and becoming a parent are three of the funniest conditions in the human experience. Couples who can laugh at themselves often end up closer, sexually and otherwise, than they were before trying to conceive. One new mom who had to undergo two years of fertility treatments says that laughter is what got her through. "In spite of all our best efforts, we ended up having to conceive by intrauterine insemination. If we hadn't been able to joke about the 'turkey baster,' we'd probably be divorced now instead of expecting our second child."

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