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In 2008s Chemistry 4: The Orgy Edition , an installment in the Real World -like porn star series, Ms. Sinnamon Love, without much in the way of makeup and costume had the ability to pull of girl-next-door type perfection. This is a rare trait among porn stars in general and even more rare in African-American porn stars, who for better or worse are often pigeonholed into “exotic” personae. That was close to a swan song for Love, who bagged porn in 2010 to work as a writer. According to the website she shares with partner Jarobi White, she’s the mother of two.

Pinky reminds us of Diamond, not just because her ass is just as big as hers but because she also has similar tattoos. The main difference is, we think pinky is a little hotter than Diamond, and we’re loving the pink hair.

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